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We connect businesses with innovators to foster success through the power of collaboration

Cutting through the noise of disruption

Rome was not built in a day, and change and innovation do not happen overnight. Helve builds long-term partnerships and guides our partners through open innovation and change management to discover and build solutions they will need tomorrow. 


We back experienced innovators and support rookies eager to future-proof their businesses. We embark upon a wide scope of open innovation projects, on a scale both large and small. Helve hosts open accelerator programs, internal incubators, design sprints, venture scouting, and much more.   


Coming together is progress, but working together is success. We at Helve strive to build bridges of collaboration between ambitious organizations with a clear goal to create products and services that add to their bottom line. 

We help our partners identify and build the right collaborative partnerships with external audiences, their own internal teams, and the startup and tech community. At Helve, we believe in the best out of both worlds - the agility, risk appetite, and growth mindset of startups and the structured approach, experience, and resources of mature companies.

Defining the future of collaboration 

Our solutions for innovative business models

Power your R&D, increase operational efficiency & discover new product lines 

Internal innovation culture

Workshops & lectures

Ideation sprints

Internal hackathons

Internal incubation

Venture building

Business growth

Challenge discovery

Open challenges 

Acceleration and incubation programs

Direct scouting


Open innovation

External hackathons

Knowledge sharing


Industry accelerations

Corporate venture capital

From individual startup scouting in our acceleration programs, custom-built internal ventures, thoroughly selected mentors pool, partner-based approach to yet unknown solutions, concepts, and ideas. We look for partners keen to discover with us.


Leading with new perspectives and vast experience

To grow, we need to change. and Helve is a business that makes change happen. Our approach builds on a diverse background in the global technology and startup ecosystem.

Helve is trusted by industry leaders, policy builders, and market-approved startups. We are known for having an outstanding international mentors pool and a robust European tech community. Above all, we are passionate about innovation, technology and the opportunities change brings. 

Prepare for what's next!

Helve collaboration success stories in media 

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