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Architecture of Migration


“Architecture of Migration” is an international conference on architecture and territorial planning with an aim to broaden the notion of migration beyond preconceptions and deconstruct its most common meanings. Conference attendees had a chance to gain insights on such topics as north and planetary migration, the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea Region, future intersecting urban and rural, new briefs and actions. It was one of the largest events in the local architecture scene gathering anthropologists, cartographers, historians, innovators, entrepreneurs, architects, urbanists, designers, writers, editors, curators, municipality representatives, policy officials, and social activists. The conference happened in Riga, Latvia on November 7-9, 2019 and was organised by The Latvian Association of Architects and Baltic Architects Union Association.


Helve team responsibilities included communication & marketing strategy, technical production, partnership & fundraising support, sales and attendee management, on-site management.


“Architecture of Migration” gathered over 100 international attendees from Europe and Baltic countries. Around  20 international practitioners, original thinkers and researchers from various fields took part in the panel discussions and presented their keynotes on stage. This was the first-ever conference on architecture and territorial planning happening in Latvia.  

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