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Digital Transformation bootcamp

Bootcamp in digital transformation for SMEs to develop and implement new digital products and services.

April 15 - 26, 2024


What will you learn?



Learn how to create digital transformation projects and methodology, even with limited resources

Discover how to practically implement digital transformation projects while keeping up with competition

Master the skills to manage change in a team and speed up the processes



Gain knowledge of industry examples and emerging technologies to identify future opportunities

Apply the right techniques to fully map and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Develop a digital transformation strategy tailored to the company's needs and goals

Course curriculum

Understanding why to digitalize

ABCs of Digital Transformation: Learn the basics of digital transformation, including the role of technology, people, and processes in driving change.

Industry Examples: Explore case studies and examples from different industries to gain insights into how other companies have successfully transformed their businesses.

Mapping Future Opportunities: Identify and evaluate future opportunities for digital transformation based on emerging technologies and market trends in your industry.

Who is this course for?

This bootcamp is designed for SMEs that are seeking to stay ahead of the competition and start their digital transformation journey.


Product lead

Learn how to develop and implement new products using digital tools to stay ahead of the competition.


Business development lead


Start and implement innovation projects using digital tools to drive growth and stay ahead in the market.

Main details you need to know

Time dedicated to the course: 10 hours
Price: EUR 1 000,-*


C-level executives

Streamline and optimize existing products and services to improve operational efficiency and boost revenue.


Sales lead


Increase the value of existing products by leveraging digital tools to enhance customer experience.

Bootcamp Mentors


Krists Avots

Course Facilitator

  • LinkedIn

Agnese Lubgane

Course Facilitator

  • LinkedIn

Madara Zelcane

Course Instructor

  • LinkedIn
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Jelena Solovjova

Course Instructor

  • LinkedIn

What to expect from this course?

Digital Transformation bootcamps goal is to enable participants to implement a change initiative in their company. We will equip you with the necessary tools and support you with various learning practices.



Learn the essentials of digital transformation theory and how to apply it to your company, even with limited resources.



Receive personalized guidance from our experienced instructors, tailored to your specific needs and goals.



Reinforce your knowledge through workshops and learn how to optimize your processes.



Connect with our community through Slack, where you can network and receive continuous learning support.


Access to course materials

Gain access to the resources and theory used in the course, as well as recordings of online sessions for future reference.


Industry examples

Get inspired by real-world examples of successful digital transformation, and learn how to apply these principles.


*Full, 100% Financial support from Digital Accelerator of Latvia

We are proud to announce that SMEs who apply for the Digital Accelerator of Latvia support will have their courses 100% covered if they choose Helve as their preferred training provider.

Co-financed by the European Union project “Digital Accelerator of Latvia”, DAoL, ID no. 101083718 and the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility plan ID Nr. The European Union is not responsible for the content of this page.

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