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"CrisisLab" is a two-week online program that gathered students from universities and colleges in Latvia to develop projects to curb the coronavirus fallout. Students proposed solutions to the challenges presented by industry and the public sector. “CrisisLab” aims to fight the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis and to offer solutions to problems identified by municipalities and public sector, industry, non-governmental organisations. “CrisisLab” is part of  "Innovation grants for students," which has been implemented since last year by the five largest universities in Latvia to develop the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit among students.


Helve team responsibilities included communication & marketing strategy, technical production, partnership & fundraising support, sales and attendee management, on-site management.


"CrisisLab" bought together  230 students from 15 universities and colleges and resulted in 24 solutions created from scratch in just two weeks. Students offered digital tools to improve virtual physician-patient interactions, remote learning, and other strategies to keep businesses alive despite economic downturns. The most successful teams received €20,000 for the further development of their solutions.

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