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Swedbank Seedtalks


Swedbank Seedtalks is a monthly meetup series hosted at the Swedbank DoBe innovation space aiming to bring together forces of Baltic finance, technology and startup communities.

Once a month, anyone interested in technology, startups and banking is invited to join and dig deeper on specific topics related to innovation. The series covers a wide range of subjects and offers experienced speakers, experts and founders sharing their knowledge in their particular field, ranging from cyber security, payments and e-commerce to blockchain and artificial intelligence. 

During the era of online events, Swedbank Seedtalks successfully moved online and continued to discover new approaches and challenge the assumptions about technology, startups, and innovation.


Helve team was both the "head" and the "arms and legs" to keep our finger on the pulse during Swedbank Seedtalks. Helve team responsibilities included communication & marketing strategy, technical production, event content & program creation, speakers & attendee coordination, on-site management, partnerships building & fundraising. 

Helve helped with the transition to an online environment and gathered an audience of more than 150 people.


Swedbank Seedtalks celebrated the best of the Baltic fintech community by monthly bringing together 200+ attendees, including the fastest-growing startups, most innovative corporations, investors active in the region and talented tech enthusiasts. Helve has organised 12 meetups and  gathered more than 1000 attendees and speakers flying in from Israel, speakers from Iceland, Finland and all over the Baltics which adds a truly global perspective to the discussion and broadens the perspective.

Swedbank Seedtalks aims to cover globally relevant topics. Here are some of the topics & the key speakers: Hardware and Finance by Sajida Zouarhi from Nomadic Labs, Tools of Trade by Mario Bañares from, Big Data & Analytics by Julija Terjuhana from Sorainen, Artificial Intelligence by Mikhail Iljin from Bolt, Digital Identity by Janer Gorohhov from Veriff, Open Banking by Stanislav Ivanov from Tera Ventures, Cybersecurity by Farid Singh from CyberNorth.

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