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The Raccoons student platform


The Raccoons student community welcomes young adults up to the age of 25 to learn new tech skills, collaborate with others on their proposed ideas, and build a prototype of their project. The initiative serves as a backbone for developing connections between the students in the region to other student communities across the world. The Raccoons aims to spark an interest and enthusiasm in youth towards STEM fields and during the event offers them to attend a variety of hands-on workshops and guidance from some of the most prominent scientists in Europe.


Helve team is the leading driving force behind the idea of The Raccoons community. We have created a global network of youngsters, academia, and IT experts to promote the ideals of co-operation and interchange between young professionals. Our team has established wide project communication and initiated media activities to boost youth participation in STEM educational activities. We've attracted international participants and mentors from the leading universities in the region to ensure a cross-collaborative environment.


The Raccoons offered a free eight-week online programme explaining the basics of computer science for students who want to learn programming skills. Webinars were followed with an online hackathon where all the participants built a creative digital project in teams showing off the expertise gathered over the course.The Raccoons Online Hackathon gathered more than 200 young hackers and mentors in various digital fields. Youngsters were challenged to offer ideas and build projects in the areas of creative coding, open-source, game development, use of domain name and data visualization. The Raccoons honorary awards consist of scholarships; thus, the contestants can continue their journey in STEM.

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