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12-Week Innovation Sprint, Your Shortcut From Ideas To Validated Solutions.

Welcome CEOs, founders, and innovation leaders, this isn’t just a method — it’s your next smart move in a world where 90% of new ideas, products, and companies fail. The reason for the failure is never the lack of ideas. It's the lack of execution. The Innovation Sprint is a clear, strategic tool that reduces risk and speeds up your route to market. Your next organizational win is not a vague dream — it can be your immediate future. Let’s dissect how, together.

Welcome to the 12-Week Helve Innovation Sprint

Our 12-week Helve Innovation Sprint assists corporations in getting from initial ideas to early validation. Even for B2B projects, 12 weeks is enough time to generate meaningful results yet short enough to instill a sense of urgency in teams. A question we're often asked upfront is - “Where will we realistically end up after 12 intensive weeks? We work faster! Can't it be shorter?”

Of course, it can. The answer depends on the effort and resources the company commits. With just 4-week of time spent working on new concepts in the real world, one would make some progress and even have hypotheses to build and validate afterward.

If the company were to find itself in a rapid build-and-test circle, an 8-week sprint may be enough. However, they will produce solid evidence and insights within 12 weeks - enough time to prototype and validate, yet quick enough to have the intensity.

Balancing Expectations and Reality in Innovation

While it may seem obvious, we often see a disconnect between unrealistic expectations and insufficient time invested. Innovation is complex and requires dedication over a longer period.

To predict your outcomes, carefully balance your goals, available resources, and expectations. The more energy you put into innovation, the more you'll achieve. However, if you can assemble a large team and take a broad approach with rapid testing, even an 8-week time commitment may suffice. For transformative initiatives, providing your team with 100% focus makes sense to drive meaningful results. Ensure your time allocation aligns with your desired goals. In my experience, the number one reason innovation efforts fail to yield testing results is inadequate time devoted.

Let us examine what you can get in two different situations. One with a team that has a lot of time. One with a heavy time-restricted team.

A Comparative Glimpse: 4-Week vs. 12-Week Sprint

4-week sprint

12-week sprint


4-6 people,

4 weeks

5-7 people,

12 weeks


  • 8-12 potential challenge statement solutions

  • 6-10 “solution” interviews

  • Clear hypotheses to build and validate

  • Potentially a light MVP

  • Potentially CTAs and pricing A/B tests

  • 20-30 sophisticated challenge solutions

  • Hypotheses validating surveys

  • 10-20 pure “solution” interviews

  • 2-3 MVPs

  • CTAs & pricing A/B tests

  • Results/pitch deck

Success Snapshot: A Fintech Case

One fintech company we worked with already had some budget to invest in technology prototyping but was smart enough to focus on desirability and viability first. They understood that the process underlying their business challenges was so fresh that they could more wisely spend it diversifying into 6 different challenges. So they went on with the one solution they saw to fit the best.

What’s There To Summarize? Your Innovation Sprint Advantage!

This innovation sprint allows us to reduce market risk by building reasonably inexpensively quickly, validating the feasibility of the company challenges solving ideas, and desirability in terms of customer demand. We increase the revenue potential of this opportunity by showing evidence of a sizable, underserved market. Additionally, we lower financial risk by avoiding over-investment in the early stages of this concept. The sprint enables us to refine the opportunity while mitigating downside risk.

Drive the Innovation!

Step into a structured path from idea to validated solution with the Innovation Sprint. In a landscape where precise, strategic moves are key, let’s ensure your organization navigates effectively through the innovation journey.

Connect with us and explore a pragmatic approach to turning ideas into actionable, successful strategies!



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