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Helve to facilitate Rimi Baltic €1 million open innovation platform kicked-off with retail hackathon

Āris Brencis (Helve), Liene Perija (Rimi Baltic), Zanda Šadre (Rimi Baltic))

Baltic leading retailer Rimi Baltic will launch its open innovation platform with estimated funding of EUR 1 million for proofs of concepts (PoC) and pilots. Helve has been selected as the ecosystem partner to facilitate the retail hackathon that kicks off the open innovation platform and support Rimi Baltic in platform execution.

We have collaborated with Rimi Baltic for the past three years within our open innovation accelerator Future Hub, implementing four pilot projects in the field of sustainability innovations.  The open innovation platform is a logical next step for Rimi Baltic to bring its innovation strategy to the next level, and we are proud to be chosen as a partner in this journey.

Open Innovation Platform

Over the next three years, Rimi Baltic plans to provide funding of at least EUR 1 million for innovative co-projects that transform and build on the strengths of its core business, as well as to develop pilot projects with Baltic and European innovators and start-ups. The main challenges in response to which Rimi is calling for cooperation are:

  • Innovative offerings and services,

  • Efficiency and speed,

  • Sustainable shopper choices, and

  • Value of money* through new business models and next-generation technology such as automation, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

At the same time, Rimi wants to make a significant contribution to the development of the start-up ecosystem in the Baltics, promoting the development of more highly-rated start-ups per capita.

Rimi is aiming to evaluate at least 60 quality start-up company applications per year and attain five operational PoCs and pilots.

Retail Hackathon on June 14-16

To kick off the open innovation platform, a retail hackathon will take place in Riga and online on June 14-16. From today, Helve and Rimi invite both ambitious individuals and teams with innovative ideas and established start-ups to apply to participate in the hackathon and get the opportunity to co-create new business models with Rimi, as well as develop their products and services. While individuals and teams will undergo a traditional hackathon process of developing and validating brand-new ideas in 48 hours, established start-ups will have the chance to undergo an accelerated sales sprint and prepare a custom-tailored product pitch for Rimi.

Apply to the hackathon until June 9 here:



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