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Ahead of the Curve
Colorful 3D Illustrated Remote Learning


Latvia has been exceptionally agile in developing solutions to challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus. It's when technological innovations from both the private sector and government turned into small wins for humanity. The success reflects the digital-immersion of Latvian society, self-starting the private sector and the fast-moving government.


The Latvian Investment & Development Agency and numerous ambassadors launched a campaign "Ahead of the Curve" to raise awareness about Latvia and created eight success stories promoted worldwide. The goal was to reach an international audience and get other countries adopting some of the same solutions.


During the campaign, Helve was responsible for the communication strategy, the ambassadors' outreach, and retention. As part of the campaign, we collaborated with hundreds of people and organizations who shared Latvia's success stories. The goal was to reach a foreign audience through our most valuable advertising channel - Latvian people.


As part of the campaign, we reached a network of 500 ambassadors in Latvia and abroad.
We involved the local government, foreign representative office, and non-governmental organizations. As well as individuals, opinion leaders and civic-active emigrants, and others.

The video stories were shared by organizations and individuals such as the American Latvian Association, the Ministry of Economy, the Latvian Institute, the President of Latvia Egils Levits, Consulate of Latvia in New York, the Latvian Embassy in Japan, the Latvian Embassy in the United States, the Latvian Embassy in Egypt,, Latvian Institute, former President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis and Consulate of Latvia in New York.

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