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Belarus to Latvia
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Spotlight: Belarus Tech is an online event organized to give a virtual stage to founders and tech industry representatives from Belarus to discuss the current challenges they face and what international support is needed right now on the ground.

Spotlight: Belarus Tech is an initiative by the Latvian startup community creative forces deeply concerned by their neighboring country's situation. We were joined by Pavel Liber, the founder of "Voice" (Golos) platform, Jaroslav Likhachevskiy, CEO at DeepDee and several more tech and startup ecosystem representatives from Belarus.

Spotlight: Belarus Tech was the first of two events dedicated to the situation in Belarus. The second event - Belarus to Latvia: Info Webinar shared the possible relocation opportunities, support mechanisms, and benefits all provided for Belarusian tech companies and talent.


We brought the full spectrum - from strategic outline to tactics implementation. Our responsibilities included concept & content development, speaker relations, communication & marketing strategy, partner communications, technical production, brand & website development.


Spotlight: Belarus Tech and Belarus to Latvia resulted in a lasting outcome. Together with The Latvian Investment & Development Agency, we dedicated both events to find the most suitable role to help Belarus' tech ecosystem. As an emergency response, Helve team has created to inform our neighbors about the possible relocation process, the nourishing business environment in Latvia, a highly-skilled talent pool, and available support mechanisms. 

The Latvian Investment & Development Agency (LIAA) has mobilized resources to provide all necessary assistance to those business representatives who have voiced interest in cooperation. Businesses that feel they can no longer operate in Belarus due to the latest in a long line of brutal crackdowns by the Lukashenko regime have already contacted LIAA about possible relocation.

Thanks to the community partners in Belarus and friends across Europe, more than 8000 people joined the conversation to grasp the urgency and gain insights on what is needed. 

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