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Discover technology at the core of digital transformation. Understand critical skills from data science to the basics of machine learning and artificial intellingence tools to cybersecurity. 

April 29 – June 28, 2024


What will you learn?

Learn to navigate the world of Data Science to make wiser business decisions.

Master to extract the value from Machine Learning solutions by directing the investment and energy in the right places.

Understand when not to use Machine Learning techniques.

Be able to think as a Data Scientist and discover the frameworks that bring meaningful results to your business.

Practical applications of AI, including chatbots and virtual assistants, strategies for integrating AI into business processes.

The aim:

Implement data-driven decisions making into your organization.

Get started in Data Science or scale it to much bigger adoption.


Propose high-level data solutions to your business problems.

Increase the value of your company by increasing the value of your data.


Evalds Urtans.jpg

Dr. Ēvalds Urtāns

Course Instructor

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Kirils Solovjovs.jpg

Kirils Solovjovs

Course Instructor

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Toms Bergmanis.jpg

Toms Bergmanis

Course Instructor

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_A090161 (1)-2.jpg

Kristofers Volkovs

Course Instructor

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Who is this course for?

Data Science & Machine Learning course is designed for small to mid-sized companies where data analysis plays a crucial role


Growth Stage Startups

Founders or owners to understand where to start with the organizational structure, technologies, and strategy. Have a small or no data team in-house and are eager to establish an understanding of what data science is and how it can work in their organization with collaboration with everyone else.


Data Stakeholders

Hands-on data team members who are already working with a large amount of data and investing in Data Science. Ready to improve their knowledge with the latest technology trends and developments in the area.


Executive Managers


Decision-makers with motivation to improve the efforts of their existing data team and scale it to the new heights.


Aspiring Data Analysts


Anyone looking to get ahead and break into this in-demand field.


What to expect from this course?

Intensive digital skills courses for highly qualified employees of small and medium-sized companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, cyber security and machine learning. 

Over the course of nine weeks, companies will participate in lectures, master classes and workshops with course mentors to create an effective digital transformation plan after the training.


*Full, 100% Financial support from Digital Accelerator of Latvia

We are proud to announce that SMEs who apply for the Digital Accelerator of Latvia support will have their courses 100% covered if they choose Helve as their preferred training provider.

The purpose of courses in practical applications of data science and machine learning is to promote the growth of your company. As part of the program, you will gain knowledge and practical experience in developing and digitizing existing systems and creating new products that would be easy to scale in the global market as well. 

At the end of the program, in cooperation with mentors and other companies, you will develop a digital transformation implementation plan, which will become the basis for achieving your goals.


Co-financed by the European Union project “Digital Accelerator of Latvia”, DAoL, ID no. 101083718 and the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility plan ID Nr. The European Union is not responsible for the content of this page.

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