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Ed-tech Evolution accelerator


Ed-tech Evolution is a week-long focused all-online program for taking Ed-tech businesses to the next stage.  The hands-on program welcomed "Early-stage" and "Series A" startups who are working in the Ed-Tech space or are ready to pivot. During the workshops led by successful ed-tech entrepreneurs & investors, the participants topped off their leadership skills, found a better product-market fit, and understood investor mindset. The roundtables and 1:1 mentoring session was a great opportunity to meet the next pilot partners from both the public and private sectors.


Helve team put the technical forces into action to host more than 30 workshops, panel discussions, and roundtables all happening online. Helve managed to reproduce an in-person event in a digital environment. We offered end-to-end support, from effective networking all the way through to a personalized digital experience to a global audience.


The international acceleration program Ed-Tech Evolution gathered 11 startups changing the education space worldwide. During the week-long program, more than 25 international mentors offered focused online workshops and 1:1 meetings with the startups. All teams had the opportunity to broaden their professional network and test their ideas to the representatives of Baltic educational institutions. 

The acceleration program is free of charge and powered by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency - LIAA, Tet, Izglītības uzņēmums Lielvārds, Riga Technical University, Riga City Council, ALTUM.

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