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Shaping the Future


Shaping the Future hackathon was a 24h creative industries hackathon happening in St.Petersbourg, Russia. The core topic of the hackathon was sustainability, focusing on ideas that help us build a more sustainable future by developing projects with a focus on reducing negative human impact, solving social challenges, ensuring healthy ecosystems and livable environments, creating more ethical products, as well as adjusting individual lifestyles.


We brought the full spectrum - from strategic outline to tactics implementation. Our responsibilities included concept & content development, speaker relations, communication & marketing strategy, partner communications, technical production, attendee management, on-site management, brand & website development.


60 participants from over 10 different countries gathered together in St.Petersbourg and developed ideas in one of the three outlined tracks: livable cities, circular economy and diversity. During the pitch session, participants presented such ideas as a platform that structures and provides users with more objective news, a platform that helps others to learn and use smart devices and applications, and more. It was an effective ideation platform connecting people with different backgrounds while raising awareness about the issue and introducing creative & cultural industry partners to a hackathon format. 

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