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The Global Hack


The Global Hack is a global initiative that unites the Hack the Crisis movement and the 40+ hackathons organized in the frames of this movement. The online event is designed to share and develop ideas for urgently needed solutions in the face of the current crisis, with a prize pool of 195k euros. The Global Hackathon is a volunteer-led initiative that grew out from our mission to fight the crisis and invites people globally to be part of the solution.


Helve was the head coordinator of The Global Hack: Economy & Environment tracks, which were powered by Swedbank. Our role was to establish and sustain project communication, as well as to attract participants and mentors. Helve was responsible for track fundraising and technical production of the event. 


The Global Hack event partnered with tech enthusiasts, business leaders, project managers, marketing experts, designers, and innovators from around the world to exchange ideas and practices to develop creative and practical prototypes. The world's largest online hackathon took place between 9 and 12 April, with a total of nearly 12,000 people participating from 100 countries worldwide in a form of 11 different sub-tracks brought to life by independent organiser teams.

The Global Hack drawn attention across the globe - covered by Forbes, Silicon Republic, CNN among others - and brought on board a fleet of world-class mentors, such as Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, Co-founder of Future Ventures, board Member of SpaceX and Tesla - Steve Jurvetson, Samantha Cristoforetti, Italian European Space Agency astronaut.

The Global Hack: Economy & Environment tracks gathered more than 120 mentors and 800 hackers under Helve oversight.

After three stages of evaluation and fierce competition, an international jury selected the TOP 3 ideas from all tracks.  Two teams of our track were among the final top 3 winners - the first place and €15,000 prize was awarded to Suncrafter (Economy & Environment track), second place, as well as the €10 000 prize, was taken by Act on Crisis (Mental Health track) and third place and a €15,000 prize was awarded to Material Mapper (Economy & Environment track).



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